Drug Checking

Drugs are often adulterated with new psychoactive substances (NPS), which can make them more harmful than the drug people think they are taking. Fentanyl adulteration of heroin is highly prevalent, but fentanyl and its analogs are being found in a myriad of other types of illicit substances, including cocaine, ketamine, and methamphetamine.

The NDEWS team is collaborating with DanceSafe, a harm-reduction organization that tests individual’s drugs at dance parties and EDM events. DanceSafe will be tracking their test results and recording the drug the individual believed they had purchased. The NDEWS team will be expanding this data further by building an open online survey for people to report the data from their drug testing kits along with demographic and geographic data. This data will be published quarterly for review.

The National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (U01DA051126) to the University of Florida (PI: Cottler; Co-Is: Goldberger, Nixon, Striley), New York University (Co-I: Palamar), and Florida Atlantic University (Co-I: Barenholtz).