National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) Weekly Briefing


Substance use in the past 12 months: St. Louis, MO survey dates: July 1517, 2022

The National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) Rapid Street Reporting (RSR) team visited St. Louis, MO on July 15–17, 2022. The RSR team conducted surveys (N=305) in public spaces, including stadium/arenas, music venues, nightlife (bar/club), amusement parks, sidewalks, malls (shopping areas), restaurants, and skate parks. View the full report here.

Updates to the SNOW Interactive Dashboard

The State and National Overdose Web (SNOW) interactive dashboard has been updated so that users can now access state-level overdose dashboards and resources of other states. Accessible information includes fatal and non-fatal overdose deaths, drug seizure information, and EMS related data. Access the full dashboard here.

Alert from the NDEWS Web Monitoring Team: Online mentions of N,N-Dimethylpentylone

Context: This alert follows NPS Discovery's 2022 Q2 Trend Report, which identified that N,N-Dimethylpentylone and Pentylone have replaced Eutylone as prominent stimulants detected in toxicology samples.

What was found? The drug N,N-Dimethylpentylone has gained interest in drug Subreddits in Summer 2022.

What is N,N-Dimethylpentylone? N,N-Dimethylpentylone is a substituted cathinone NPS.

How is N,N-Dimethylpentylone being discussed? N,N-Dimethylpentylone is predominantly referred to as Dipentylone or Dimethylpentylone in recent Subreddit mentions. Commenters discuss purchasing the drug for its stimulant effects.

Drug Terms: N,N-Dimethylpentylone, Dipentylone, Dimethylpentylone, Pentylone, Eutylone.


Monitoring the Future Panel Study Annual Report: National data on substance use among adults ages 19 to 60, 19762021

The 2021 Monitoring the Future Panel Study Annual Report was published earlier this week which includes national data on substance use among adults ages 19 to 60 from 1976 to 2021The authors note the insight this report provides into the epidemiology, etiology, and life course history of substance use and relevant behaviors, attitudes, and other factors. Read the full report hereRead the National Institutes of Health press release here.

Patient-level and county-level trends in nonfatal opioid-involved overdose emergency medical services encounters — 491 counties, US, January 2018 — March 2022

This week's MMWR included a report describing patient and county-level trends in nonfatal opioid-involved overdose emergency medical services encounters in the US from January 2018 to March 2022. The rate of nonfatal opioid-involved overdose EMS encounters increased, on average, 4.0% quarterly during January 2018 to March 2022, from 98.1 to 179.1 per 10,000 EMS encounters. Read the full report here.

NFLIS Drug Snapshot: June 2022

Earlier this month, the National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) published a report on substances newly reported to NFLIS-Drug between April 1, 2022, and June 30, 2022. This report includes substances reported by location, the top five drug reports in each category, and upward trends by date submitted to the laboratory. Read the full report here.

DEA Fentanyl Profiling Program report: 2021

Earlier this week, the Drug Enforcement Administration's Fentanyl Profiling Program published their calendar year 2021 report. This report summarizes the findings for in-depth chemical analyses on fentanyl and fentanyl-related samples obtained from seizures throughout the US. The data included provides a snapshot of samples submitted from the eight DEA regional and sub-regional laboratories. Read the full report here.


Governor Newsom vetoes bill for supervised drug injection sites in California

Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed legislation that would have allowed some California cities to open supervised drug injection sites as part of a pilot program. The bill would have allowed the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland, as well as Los Angeles County, to set up supervised injection facilities in communities with drug use and frequent overdoses. Read the full article here.

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